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Sarah Jane Ceylon in strict contortion bondage

Sarah Jane Ceylon in strict contortion bondage

Sarah Jane Ceylon is bent over metal piping her back arched drastically Sarah Jane Ceylon’s arms are pulled back to her ankles and they are strapped with leather straps to the metal poles together. Her hair has a leather strap tied to that is attached to a chain on the floor. Cyd comes up to Sarah Jane Ceylon and begins flogging her pussy with a flogger. He grabs hold of her nipple rings and turns them under his fingers.

Cyd places a nipple spreader on Sarah Jane Ceylon’s chest and attaches the nipple clamps to her nipples. He places a vibrator on her clit and pulls at the nipple spreader pulling her nipples harder in the clamps and spreader. Sarah Jane Ceylon moans and screams, she then begs Cyd to let her cum.

Sarah Jane Ceylon is suspended in mid air with a straight jacket on. The chains holding her in the air are attached to the straight jacket. Cyd spanks her ass harder and harder, her ass turns bright red. He also smacks the inside of her thighs turning them bright red also. Cyd takes a dildo on a long pole and pushes it into Sarah Jane Ceylon’s pussy. He begins working it back and forth moving faster and harder with each stroke. Sarah Jane Ceylon is rocking back and forth with the force of the thrust. She is moaning and yelling in her pleasure as she cums hard.

Cyd places a gas mask on Sarah Jane Ceylon and places a vibrator on her clit. As she moans and tries to take in deep breaths Cyd closes off her air supply from the hose, then releases it.

Cyd whips Sarah Jane Ceylon’s ass with a leather whip. He goes back and forth between each ass cheek making them a beet red. He places a vibrator on Sarah Jane Ceylon’s clit and brings her back to another orgasm as she cums.

Sarah Jane Ceylon is now on the floor on her back with her legs bent over her head. Her ankles are shackled on each side of her head. Sarah Jane Ceylon’s arms are lying straight down beside her and shackled to the floor there. Her ass and pussy is raise up in the air. Sarah Jane Ceylon has an ass hook in her ass that is attached to a chain to the floor also. Cyd lowers a vibrator down from over top of Sarah Jane Ceylon and rests it against her clit. Sarah Jane Ceylon instantly begins to moan wit the vibrator. Cyd flogs Sarah Jane Ceylon’s ass while she cums. At the end of the shoot, Sarah Jane Ceylon says that she cummed a lot and she admitted to not being aware of what was happening to her.

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